Catherine Ashton. Respectful of Iranian culture
Photo: AFP

Iranians gush over Ashton's 'modest' appearance

EU's foreign policy chief covers neck with scarf for nuclear talks after causing mini-scandal in Iran with 'revealing neckline' during previous negotiation round

Catherine Ashton's fashion sense has once again become the focus of Iranian media reports surrounding last week's nuclear talks in Istanbul. One website stated that Ashton had intentionally tried to avoid being photoshopped.


"הלכה צעד קדימה ושמה צעיף שכיסה את כל צווארה". אשטון וג'לילי (צילום: רויטרס)

Ashton dons scarf for meeting with Jalili (Photo: Reuters)


In January 2011, Ashton showed up to the previous round of talks in what the Iranians regarded as a revealing outfit. This year, she was seen wearing a white scarf over her suit for a meeting with Iran's Saeed Jalili. An Iranian website reported that she had removed her scarf for a meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.


המחשוף שהסעיר את האיראנים ב-2011. אשטון וג'לילי (צילום: AFP)

Revealing neckline?


"This time Ashton didn’t want her photos to be photoshoped and therefore not only dressed more respectfully but went a step further and donned a scarf that covered her entire neck," the Iranian report stated.


המחשוף הלך לעיבוד בפוטושופ

Ashton after Iranian photoshop work


Another Iranian website said, "It's obvious she covered up just to honor the other side's traditions."

"At first glance this may appear trivial or aimed at feeding the media, but this step is much more significant," a website associated with Iranian government official Mohsen Rezaee.


"It should be noted that according to international protocol, Ashton is not required to adhere to Iran's Islamist rules, especially when the talks were held in a third country with a different dress code. She showed she respects Iran's traditions and that it has paramount importance to her," the website said.


The website also noted that Ashton's gesture attests to "the importance she and the West attribute to the Islamic Republic."




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