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Number of IVF births doubles within decade

Health Ministry report shows huge increase in number of successful IVF treatments

The number of test tube babies conceived through in-vitro fertilization treatments in Israel has increased significantly during the past decade, the Health Ministry says.


The latest report shows that some 25% of the treatments resulted in pregnancy, while 20% of the attempts resulted in a live baby.


In 2010, an average 4.1% of births in Israel were the result of IVF treatment, compared to 2.5% in 1997.


The number of IVF cycles resulting in pregnancy rose from 4,217 in 2000 to 8,123 in 2010. 


Among the reasons for the rising figures in IVF treatment success is the advanced scientific and medical research in the field of medicine.


The data further reveals that the number of women who gave birth to a live baby in 2010 was 6,752, compared to 3,546 of the patients who managed to carry a baby to full term in 2000. On average, the number of live babies born to women following IVF treatment is 1.2.


The number of In-vitro fertilization cycles is also record-breaking among Israeli women. According to Israeli law, all women are provided with free and unlimited IVF procedures for up to two babies. The number of IVF cycles in 2011 totaled 35,000, a drastic increase compared to 18,011 in 2000.


The health ministry recently decided to set up a national database for IVF treatment, along with the Israel Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Israeli IVF centers and the Medical Association.


The accumulation of data will improve the IVF treatment given in Israel and help establish a clear treatment policy.



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