Majdy Halabi, missing since 2006
Reproduction photo: Ahiya Raved

Majdy Halabi named as soldier at center of amnesty deal

IDF soldier whose location may be revealed thanks to amnesty deal between State, two prisoners has been missing since 2006; inmate asking for hundreds of thousands of shekels for info. Majdy's father: Inmates acting out of personal interests; my son is alive

Released for publication: The MIA soldier at the center of the amnesty deal between the State and two inmates at the Shatta prison is Majdy Halabi, an IDF soldier who went missing in 2006.


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The IDF Spokesperson's Unit denied the reports, saying: "At this point there is no certainty about the identity of the missing person."


On Sunday night the family of the missing soldier received a phone call to give them the latest on the details of the possible deal with the prisoners who claim to know the location of the missing soldier's remains. "They told us that the deal has been in the making for over six weeks."


הוריו של מג'די חלבי, ליד בית משפחת שליט (צילום: אבישג שאר-ישוב)

Majdy Halabi's parents (Archives: Avishag Shaar-Yashuv) 


Jamal Halabi, Majdy's uncle spoke to Ynet on Monday and said: "This morning I received an announcement that they have information about Majdy, sadly, he's dead and we, the family are in a very difficult mental state and don't really know how to react to this."


Another relative added that "the efforts to obtain information about Majdy should have been made a long time ago, no matter the cost.


Meanwhile, the Majdy's father, Nazmi, remained optimistic: "My son is alive, and I hope he returns home safely with all the other missing soldiers. At the moment there is no information that conflicts this," he said.


"These prisoners are acting out of their own personal interests. We don't know anything about a body or searches that are being held to locate a body. As far as I am concerned our son is alive. There have been inmates in the past that tried to fool us, and we all know that nothing came out of it, which may very well be the case this time around," he added.


'Reliable information'

The State recently signed the agreement with two prisoners from the Shatta Prison who claim to have crucial information regarding the burial site of a missing citizen.


According to the agreement, which was signed by the director of the Department of Pardons at Israel's Ministry of Justice, Emi Palmor, one of the prisoners, who is serving a life sentence, declared that he had reliable information regarding the location of the body and that it is located within Israel.


מחכים לדעת מה עלה בגורל מג'די. בית משפחת חלבי, היום (צילום: ג'ורג' גינסברג) 

The Halabi family home, on Monday (Photo: George Ginsburg)


The prisoner is further required to hand over a map with the specific location of the body.


In the agreement the prisoner had to declare that he was not involved in the murder and in turn the State agreed not to question the prisoner about his information source.


The inmate with the information is Mordechai Moshe who is serving two life sentences for murders committed in 2004. A few months ago Moshe told his cellmate Amos Nahum that he has information about the missing soldier. Nahum is also serving a life sentence for murder though his sentence was commuted to 33 years.


Nahum signed the agreement with State representatives, in the agreement the State promises to let him and his current cellmate Elias Dali who is currently serving a 16-year sentence for drug trafficking, amnesty in exchange for reliable information about the whereabouts of the missing soldier.


According to the agreement, if the body is indeed found in the location the two prisoners pointed out, the State will work towards granting them amnesty.


Mordechai Moshe who originally supplied the information about the missing soldier's whereabouts will not be receiving amnesty in exchange for his information but instead demanded that the State pay him hundreds of thousands of shekels in return for disclosing the burial site of Halabi.


Ahiya Raved contributed to the report




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