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Videos issue 'wake-up' call to Iranian threat

Pro-Israel activists take Youtube by storm with video series carrying message that war with Iran is imminent, Israel must not wait for international community to take action

Pro-Israel activists have released a Youtube video series with the message that a war with Iran is imminent, and Israel must take a leadership role in contending with the threat.


The 3-part series, the first two installments of which have already been viewed over 2.5 million times, spread rapidly via social media, advocating Israel's legal and moral authority to do everything in its power to defend itself from the threat of a nuclear Iran.


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The videos warn that waiting for the international community to take action would be a dangerous mistake. Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel, American born media personalities and co-founders of The Land of are the pair behind the films. 

Video 1 in 3-part series. How the world failed the Jews

The first video, titled "Iran vs. Israel - Back to the Future" discusses the world's failure to save the Jews during the Holocaust, describing a ship filled with Jewish refugees being denied entry to Cuba and the US and sent back to Germany. The video also discusses the Alied Forces decision not to bomb Auschwitz.


"The Jewish people can never entrust our fate in the hands of others and we want to wake the world up to the reality that the Iranian threat is very real and echoes the threat of Hitler in 1939," Gimpel said.


Second video discusses widespread avoidance of Iranian threat


Abramowitz narrated the second film "Iran vs. Israel – No Fear" which touches on the psychology behind the widespread avoidance, and even denial, of the threat Iran poses to the world.


"We have nothing to fear," Abramowitz explains, "We must learn from our history and allow it to guide our actions during these challenging times."


Within five days of its launch, the film had been seen by over 2.2 million people.


The Land of is a pro-Israel Facebook group that boasts over 250,000 friends and is actively involved in promoting Israel and Zionism online.




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