Mooly Eden

'Mooly Eden is one of world's most brilliant tech minds'

Fortune Magazine names head of Intel Israel one of the 10 most brilliant technological minds in the world alongside Amazon CEO, Apple's chief designer

Mooly Eden, president of Intel Israel, is one of the world's 10 most brilliant technological minds, Fortune Magazine has decreed.


Under the auspices of its well-known Fortune 500 project, which ranks the 500 biggest-earning US companies, Fortune praised 10 senior directors for their "brilliant technological vision."


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Eden made the list alongside some very well-known names, including legendary Apple designer Jonathan Ive – who gave the iPhone, iPod, and iPad their distinctive look; Andy Rubin, vice-president of Google and the mind behind the Android operating system; Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos; Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs; Barnes and Noble CEO William Lynch; and IBM CEO Virginia Rometty.


"Did you think the PC market was oversaturated? Mooly Eden wants you to think again," 'Forbes' writes, noting that the success of Apple's Macbook Air proved that consumers still wanted laptops, but wanted them thinner and lighter than ever. The magazine praised Eden for pushed "ultrabooks" (light, durable laptops) and foreseeing that the new category would account for 40% of the laptop market this year.


As president of Intel Israel, Eden manages the division that is mainly responsible for innovation in Intel products. Intel's Sandy Bridge processors were developed in Israel, and the new Ivy Bridge processers were largely produced in Israel. These developments meant that the division brought in nearly 40% of Intel's revenue from laptop processors.


Eden said he was happy to have been named and added that he was trying to advance the ultrabook category.


"We believe that in the next few years more people will buy computers like these. They aren't competing with tablets, but rather are intended to form a new category. Intel believes that people need not only to look at content on tablets but also to work and create content, and the ultrabooks offer an excellent solution for both," Eden said.


"As the new Ivy Bridge processors enter the market and after Windows 8 launches, ultrabooks will get a significant push," Eden added.


Eden joined Intel in 1982. From 1999 to 2003 he served as director of Intel Israel's research and development center and was responsible for the development of Intel's Centrino and Pentium processors. In 2004 he became vice president and marketing director of Intel's laptop chip development division.  


In 2005 he was promoted to manager of the division, in which position he pushed sales of netbook laptops. In 2009 Eden was promoted to CEO of the division responsible for all development and marketing of PC chips. Until the beginning of 2012, he also served as a senior vice president of Intel global. Recently Intel announced that he would be made CEO of Intel Israel, but then retracted the decision and announced that Eden would serve as president alongside CEO Maxine Fassberg.


Nor is Eden the only Intel official to be singled out as a leader. In April, CNN named Fassberg one of the 10 strongest women in technology.



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