One of the suspects
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Indictment: Woman brutally attacked over pedophile claims

Four men who suspected elderly Jerusalem woman of belonging to pedophile ring and lecturing kids on Christianity break her leg, arm

Two men were charged on Thursday with assaulting a 70-year-old woman due to what they believed was her involvement in a pedophile ring that operated in a Jerusalem neighborhood, Ynet reported.


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The men, who also suspected that the woman was lecturing children on Christianity, were charged at the capital's district court with aggravated assault, aggravated breaking and entering, conspiring to commit a crime and issuing threats.


According to the indictment, 22-year-old Moshe Schleider and another man, whose identity has yet to be cleared for publication, suspected that the woman and others were sexually assaulting minors in tunnels located beneath her home.


The indictment further stated that towards the end of February the defendants and their accomplices learned that the woman was planning to fly abroad and decided to attack her before she had a chance to leave the country.


The defendants and two other men arrived at the woman's home with metal rods, plastic handcuffs and gloves. Two of the assailants were hooded.


According to the prosecution, one of the men knocked on the door, and when the woman opened it the four assailants burst into her home, knocked her down and began beating her ferociously.


The prosecution said the attackers then gagged the woman with her own scarf, cuffed her and set her down on a chair. Then they began beating her again. When their search of the apartment came up empty, the assailants interrogated the woman, who denied the accusations and begged them to stop.


According to the indictment, the assailants broke the woman's arm and leg and stacked a pile of chairs on top of her before leaving the house. An acquaintance eventually arrived at the house and released the woman. She was evacuated to a local hospital, where she underwent surgery.



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