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Photo: Yuval Chen

Haredi journal: Madonna desecrating holy sites

Religious newspaper slams queen of pop's 'disgraceful' concerts in Israel; says 'gentiles abuse faith in Kabbalah cult, turn righteous graves into trendy desecrated place'

While fans in Israel awaited Madonna's concert, some decided to voice their protest against the queen of pop's visit to Israel in an ultra-Orthodox journal.


The religious journal 'HaEda' slammed the singer's concerts in Israel, calling them "disgraceful," and further stated that her faith in Jewish mysticism which includes her visiting the graves of the righteous while in Israel, "desecrates the holy sites."


Titled "Kabbalah cult sponsors shameful performances in Holy Land," the article reported that the residents of northern Galilee and Tiberius were "shaken and disgusted" after realizing Madonna intended to visit the holy cities in northern Israel.


The journal does not mention Madonna by name but rather refers to her as the "famous gentile singer."


According to the journal, over the past few days rumors revolving Madonna's intention to buy an apartment in Safed have been floating around, causing "pain and rage within the god-fearing community." The journal referred to the singer's intentions as a "Kabbalah sponsored gimmick."


The journal reported that following a protest led by the religious citizens of the area, the singer postponed a planned visit to the Galilee.


The article further wrote that "

the non-Jews abuse their faith in a ridiculous cult, turning the graves of the righteous into a 'trendy' and touristy place."



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