Palestinian terrorists in Munich
Photo: AP

'Neo-Nazis aided Munich Olympics massacre'

Der Spiegel reports Neo-Nazis provides weapons, fake passports to Black September Palestinian terrorists who murdered Israeli athletes in 1972

German neo-Nazis aided the Black September Palestinian terrorists who kidnapped and murdered Israeli athletes during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Der Spiegel reports.


Historical documents released to the magazine by the German secret service show that Dortmund police had been aware of collaboration between Palestinian terrorist Abu Daud and neo-Nazi Willi Pohl seven weeks before the attack - but did not intervene, the paper said.


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According to the report, Dortmund police documented a meeting between the two but could not discover the agreements reached.


According to the documents, Pohl provided Abu Daud – who went under the alias Saad Walli – with fake passports which the terrorists used to enter Germany.

המשחקים נמשכו למרות הטבח. דגל האולימפיאדה ירד לחצי התורן (צילום: Gettyimges)

Games went ahead despite the massacre (Photo: GettyImages)


Pohl, who renounced terrorism decades ago and now publishes crime novels under another name, told Der Spiegel he was unknowingly involved in the preparations for the attack. “I chauffeured Abu Daud back and forth across Germany, where he met Palestinians in various cities,” he told the paper.


Pohl was eventually arrested in October 1972 in Munich. He was found in possession of sub-machine guns, hand grenades and other weapons and is thought to have been planning further attacks on German soil on behalf of the PLO, Der Spiegel said.


He was sentenced to only two years in prison, released a short while later and then left Germany for Beirut.




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