Posters in Los Angeles

US posters: Don't spend money on Israeli military

Ads posted by Pro-Palestinian group in Los Angeles removed after pressure from pro-Israel elements

WASHINGTON – Huge posters calling to stop US aid to Israel have been removed from Los Angeles billboards. Over the past two weeks, 23 LA billboards featured posters which read "Tell Congress: Spend our money at home, not on the Israeli military."


The campaign is being funded by the Stop $30 billion to Israel Coalition, an organization dedicated to ending the US's 2007 commitment to provide Israel with $30 billion over the course of 10 years.

המודעות, כפי שהן מופיעות באתר הקואליציה

Ads as they appear in the coalition's website


Following massive pressure by friends of Israel in the US, CBS decided to remove the posters from its billboards. Meanwhile, the coalition announced its intention to continue to operate in the region and expand its activity to other towns across the US.

הכרזות הקודמות של הקואליציה: "זכויות שוות לפלסטינים, הפסיקו לממן את הצבא הישראלי"

Last year's ads in Seattle


A statement on behalf of the group stated that the "Jewish lobby" may try to silence the campaign but that the group will not allow it to "suffocate the dialogue." Founded in 2009, the coalition is also responsible for anti-Israel ads recently posted in Denver, Seattle and Albuquerque.


One of the coalition's campaigns in Seattle was shut down last year. An ad showed a Palestinian boy behind a fence with the caption "Equal rights for Palestinians — Stop funding the Israeli military."




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