'Kuffur law.' Dart

UK: Muslim convert arrested over terror plot

Richard Dart, who was arrested during police raids in London, called British soldiers in Afghanistan 'murderers' and called for sharia law in UK

White Muslim convert Richard Dart was among six people who were arrested during raids in east and west London for allegedly plotting a terror attack in the UK, the Daily Telegraph reported Friday.


According to the report, a former police community support officer and two of his brothers, who were living about a mile from the Olympic site in London, were also arrested during the raids.


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Police and MI5 launched the operation over fears that a group, which included a woman, had obtained a sword which could potentially be used in a terrorist attack.


Last year Dart, a former BBC security guard, was featured in a documentary in which he was seen protesting about British soldiers in Afghanistan and accused them of being “murderers.”


He also called for sharia law to be established in the UK. Dart has changed his name to has changed his name to Salahuddin al Britani, the British newspaper reported.


אז והיום. ריצ'רד דרט

Richard Dart, then and now


The Telegraph said another detainee, Jahangir Alom, 26, also goes under the name of Abu Khalid.


In 2010 he explained in a YouTube clip that he left his post as a Metropolitan community support officer to become an Islamic fundamentalist after realizing he was leading a “misguided” life after meeting with some “brothers.”


Abu Khalid said that as a support officer he was involved in stop and searches and that he now realized he was “implementing kuffur (enemies of Islam) law on the streets of London.”


The other two brothers arrested are said to be Mohammed Alomgir, 24, and Moybur Alom, 18. The Telegraph said Alomgir was hit with a police Taser during the arrests but did not require medical treatment.


At the same time, in Ealing, west London, a 29-year-old man, believed to be Dart, was apprehended in the street, while a 21-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman were detained at separate residential premises, the newspaper said.


According to the report, police insisted that the arrests were not related to the Olympics and that a terror attack was not believed to be imminent.


One of the three brothers' neighbors in Stratford, another told the newspaper they had been “getting more religious throughout the years.”



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