Halutz: We can't hide between words
Boaz Fyler

Halutz leaves Kadima, slams Mofaz

Former chief of staff says politicians should take action rather than demonstrate. 'We can't let this issue turn into political capital; we can't hide behind words'

Former IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz announced Saturday evening that he was leaving the Kadima Party over the issue of making military service compulsory for the Ultra-Orthodox.


"I'm leaving Kadima," Halutz told Channel 2. "I urge everyone who joined Kadima because of me to reconsider his choice," he said.

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Halutz plans to participate in tonight's "suckers' demonstration" in Tel Aviv.


While Halutz backed Kadima Chairman Shaul Mofaz during the party primaries, he is now criticizing him for planning to join the protest. "Instead of demonstrating, politicians should do what is necessary when they are in the government. What kind of cynicism is this?" he said.


Halutz visits the Suckers' Tent in Tel Aviv (Photo: Boaz Fyler)


Halutz stressed that he was referring to politicians who were members of the coalition protesting against the coalition government. "It's crazy, it could only happen in our country," he continued, adding that he wasn't attached to any political movement but rather to making things better.


"If I can have an influence, great – if not, I'll try to do everything I can," Halutz said.


"I think that the word games and slogans that politicians will come up with won't solve the problem," the former chief of staff said. "The problem before us is not one of 'suckers' but of people who are concerned about the future of the nation."


"The law… is very simple – every 18-year-old Israeli must perform military or national service. It will take time to implement it, obviously, but we can't hide behind words," he warned.




Last week, Halutz visited the 'suckers' tent" in Tel Aviv, saying that "mandatory service in the State of Israel is not a matter for political compromises. In my view, this is a kind of basic law. If we don't emphasize this principle and the issue is turned into political capital, we will get something that satisfies the politicians but leaves everyone who carries the burden today disappointed."



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