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State purchases ministers' BMWs for half price

Finance Ministry reveals purchase price of new ministry cars, including BMW 528i and Citroën C5, was 50% less than price consumers pay; MK Yachimovich: Cars inappropriate for elected officials

Following the public protest and sharp criticism in the media that came after the Ministry of Finance's decision to purchase the BMW 528i as the next car to be provided to cabinet ministers, the ministry decided to reveal the actual purchase price – NIS 205,000 ($51,518) – which indicated that the vehicles were purchased at a price that was approximately 50% less than the price consumers would pay, Calcalist reported.


The result of the tender for the new cars to be given to government ministers was released last week, revealing the two cars that won the bid – the BMW 528i and the Citroën C5.


The consumer price of the BMW 528i is NIS 398,000 (over $100,000), while the Citroën C5 costs about a third of the price of the BMW.


Following the public outcry that came after the publication of the tender results, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz announced that he would examine the possibility of canceling the tender.


According to data published by the ministry on Thursday, all BMW vehicles were purchased by the State for NIS 205,000 – a price much lower than the market rate. The Citroën's were purchased with a 13% discount.


The ministry explained that the winning vehicles were chosen on the basis of their air polluting grade, which indicated that the cars would be better for the environment.


Meanwhile, opposition head Shelley Yachimovich (Labor) said in response to the publication of the tender results: “The decision to choose the most expensive car for the ministers reflects the government’s extravagance and shamelessness. These cars are unnecessary and inappropriate for elected officials."






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