Ramat David Air Force Base
Pilot's assault on Air Force base causes uproar
Major A attacked in Ramat David by three soldiers over driving complaint, but they claim their attack was in response to racist remarks
Major A, a deputy squadron leader who was attacked on base, on Monday confronted his attackers who accused him of racism and use of derogatory expressions against people of Ethiopian descent. He denied their claims and used the testimonies of fellow officers who were present at the scene.


According to a report in Monday's Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, the deputy commander was attacked at the Ramat David base by three soldiers after he called them out over their reckless driving on the base, and filed a complaint against them on the matter.


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The soldiers who were furious over the complaint threatened the officer and said that they would "settle accounts" with him. The three went to the pilots' residences with clubs, located the pilot and beat him until they were overpowered.


The three who are suspected of violence and use of a cold weapon, were arrested by Military Police and claimed during questioning that they were responding to offensive remarks made by the officer.


Confronting the soldiers, the officer reiterated his description of the events and the threats made by the three soldiers. A source close to the officer said that he was surprised to hear the attackers' claims and that he denied them completely.


Meanwhile, the wife of one of the pilots in the unit described the atmosphere on base as one of "complete shock" and claimed that "nothing like this had ever happened." IDF officers stated that the incident created uproar within the IDF over fears that the phenomenon would repeat itself.


Military Police will be transferring the soldiers to the Military Court in Jaffa later on Monday.




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