One of these yeshivas is not like the other

Approved: Legal separation for Zionist, haredi yeshivas

Ministerial committee approves legislative distinction between haredi and Zionist religious yeshivas. 'We consider it a privilege to enlist and serve in IDF says bill initiator MK Orlev

The Ministerial Legislation Committee on Sunday approved a bill declaring that the State would separate between legislation for haredi yeshivas and Zionist-religious yeshivas – thus preventing the confusion and direct connection usually made between the two on a legislative level.


The bill which was presented by Knesset Members Zevulun Orlev and Uri Orbach (Habayit Hayehudi) together with Yariv Levin (Likud) is in preparation for the presentation of an alternative to the Tal Law where yeshivas were mentioned without differentiation.


"The separation between Zionist yeshivas and haredi yeshivas is important from a budgetary perspective and from the point of postponing enlistment for 'Hesder' yeshiva students (all belonging to Zionist religious yeshivas)," explained Orlev.


He added: "Yeshivas that send their sons to the army deserve to receive bigger budgets than those that don't. The (Zionist) yeshivas cannot be held hostage in the conflict between the State and the haredim. If there is no alternative to the Tal Law, they could close and the students would have to enlist.


"The bill I initiated would separate between the yeshivas that serve in the IDF and those that do not. They are draft dodgers. We consider it a privilege to enlist and serve in the IDF and we do not wish our students to be hurt by a political squabble."



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