Students can't make ends meet
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Study: 79% of students financially supported by parents

Survey finds that monthly expenses of average Israeli student increased by 20% in 2012, leaving students with no choice but to rely on parents for financial support

The monthly expenses of an average Israeli student have increased by 20% in 2012, a comprehensive survey conducted by Peles Group reveals. The study showed a significant increase in their cost of living, transportation and even recreation


Due to the high cost of living more and more students are forced to rely on their parents for financial support.  


The survey's findings reveal that in 2011 the average monthly expense for students was approximately NIS 5,830 ($ 1,446), while in 2012 the average sum reached NIS 6,445 ($1,598) – a 20% increase.


The study indicated that 79% of students are financially supported by their parents – while 35% receive monthly "pocket money," the rest receive a more significant amount of aid from their parents, such as help with purchasing food, clothing and even a car.


The average amount of financial parental support in 2011 amounted to NIS 1,046 a month ($259), while in 2012 the sum reached NIS 1,750 ($434) – a 40% increase.


The survey further showed that a mere 9% of students are able to find university housing, while the average Israeli student pays some NIS 2,400 ( $595) per month for housing, not including food, transportation and phone bills which add an additional NIS 1,700 ( $422) to their monthly expenses.


Furthermore, students who enjoy themselves and go out to bars and night clubs every now and then, add another NIS 790 ($196) to their monthly bill.


For the sake of comparison, the majority of students in Western countries are eligible to receive inexpensive housing during their time at university. In Israel, there are few dormitory facilities, leaving students with the option of renting an apartment near the university – a task which is not always very simple or cheap.


Tuition payments charged by universities in Israel can amount to NIS 10,000- 40,000 ($2 480- $9921) per year, while in Australia, a student is eligible to receive a loan for the full tuition fee, and return it once they earn a $ 45,000 yearly salary.


Meanwhile, in Germany tuition fees amount to a mere € 500 ($ 614) and the first year of university is free. In France, tuition payments for a bachelor's degree are €181($222) and €250 ($ 307) for a master's degree.


Guy Basar, CEO of Peles Group "The Israeli students' situation keeps deteriorating. The expenses are much higher due to the increasing cost of living and the continued decrease in income, which results in the students' need to rely more and more on their parents. They're constantly trying to figure out how to make ends meet."



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