'Worst political bribery.' Netanyahu
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PM offers portfolios to Kadima MKs

Several Kadima members accept Netanyahu's offer to join government. In exchange for key ministerial posts, they'll back Netanyahu's draft bill, 2013 budget. MK: Most bloated gov't in Israel's history

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered key ministerial positions to Kadima members of Knesset who showed interest in breaking off from their party and joining the government.


In exchange for the posts, Netanyahu is asking the MKs to back his draft proposal and the 2013 State Budget.


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Ynet learned on Sunday that MK Tzachi Hanegbi will serve as minister of home front defense, MK Arie Bibi will be appointed as deputy internal security minister, and MK Yulia Shamalov-Berkovich will apparently serve as deputy minister of communications.


In addition, MK Avraham Duan accepted Netanyahu's offer to join the government as deputy minister of social affairs.


אבי דואן ומופז, לאחר השבעתו בכנסת (צילום: גיל יוחנן)

'Cheap price.' Mofaz (L) with Duan (Photo: Gil Yohanan)


MK Nachman Shai denied reports he is leaving the party and likely to join the Likud as the broadcasting authority minister.


Members of Knesset Otniel Schneller, Nino Abesadze, Jacob Edery and Rachel Adatto are also contemplating splitting from Kadima.


Kadima, which is headed by MK Shaul Mofaz, recently quit the government over the dissolution of the Plesner Committee, which was tasked with devising a universal draft bill.


Duan served as the head of Mofaz's headquarters during the primaries and entered the Knesset only six months ago.


"The citizens of Israel should remember that the appointment will last one year at best," he said, adding that he will try to perform his duty in the limited time that he has "for the benefit of Israel's citizens."


Netanyahu has reportedly met in person with the Kadima MKs in an attempt to lure them into the government.


"Buying MKs at such a cheap price – this has yet to happen," a Kadima member said after learning of the development. "Outside a social protest is raging, but Netanyahu continues to rob public funds. This is the most bloated government in Israel's history – all at the expense of the middle class."


In his first response to the split, Mofaz said, "Kadima is embarking on a new path, without the excess baggage and opportunism."


"Today marked the beginning of the end of Netanyahu's government. The public understands that these are Pompeii's last days – days of political bribery the likes of which Israel has never seen before."




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