Not too tight, please (Illustration)
Rabbis launch battle on men's skinny jeans
Religious leaders decree tight clothing inappropriate for men; suggest gowns are more befitting

A new decree signed by top Israeli rabbis this week prohibits devout men from wearing tight pants.


"Every Jewish man is mandated by the holy Torah to dress modestly in loose-fitting clothing," read the edict, which was published in the ultra-Orthodox media.


The public service messages were accompanied by pictures of Jewish men in times of old dressed in loose, gown-like attire.


The announcement is an unusual one, considering that modesty edicts purveyed by zealous rabbis largely tend to target women.


Readers of websites that cater to the ultra-religious public, including Hadrei Haredim and Kikar Hashabat, appeared troubled by the fact that the tables have turned; some pondered exactly which Jewish laws pertain to the male dress code, while one commenter said: "A king's son is glorious within," a play on the Tehilim verse that exults the women's inner character over outward duds.



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