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Shas: Discrimination of Sephardic schoolgirls on par with Mengele

Haredi party's official newspaper compares principals of discriminating school to Josef Mengele but party's website omits comparison due to 'technical considerations'

Victims of the racial discrimination in the haredi schools have resorted to using the Holocaust in their fight against school principals.


Shas party newspaper "Yom le Yom" published a caustic article last week comparing Principals who employ racial discrimination in school to Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele, who decided who would live or die in Auschwitz. .


The article, titled "When you let Mengele mingle with education" was penned by rabbi Moshe Shafir, a senior editor at Yom Le Yom who wrote: "Who can stand at the crossroads cruelly pointing his finger left and right? Who can act as if he were Mengele himself or feel like he's mingling in dreary carnal pleasure?


"How Can a civilized country appoint such people to educational posts when a big part of their mission is to wipe away the descendants of the crowned Spanish Jewry from their schools? What example do they set to those they are supposed to educate? Is this a lesson in cruelty, racist doctrine, pure brotherly hatred?" the article read.


The writer also brought the story of a girl who was not accepted to a haredi seminar, since her Hebrew surname was "suspected" of being Sephardic. The girl's father confronted the embarrassed principal with the mistake: "My grandfather, a Holocaust survivor named 'Roth' changed his name to 'Admoni' since 'Roth' reminded him of a cruel soldier at the concentration camp."


The Shas website, which periodically features Rabbi shafir's articles, omitted the Mengele references and also changed the headline to "A Little Girl's Tears."


A Shas website editor explained casually: "The comparison was aimed at the racist principals and we didn't want people to mistakenly thing it was aimed at the minister of education."


A Shas member said the party is against using holocaust related terms. However it seems this doesn't apply to its official newspaper.



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