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US reiterates commitment to Israel's security

Responding to Mitt Romney's criticism of President Barack Obama's foreign policy, White House says that the US' military, intelligence cooperation with Israel has never been closer

Washington – The White House on Friday dismissed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's criticism of President Barak Obama's foreign policy, claiming that the United States' ties with Israel have never been closer.


"I can simply say that, under President Obama, cooperation with Israel between our military and intelligence communities has never been closer," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters.


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"Assistance provided to Israel by the United States has never been greater than it has been under President Obama."


Carney's remarks came in response to Romney's speech at the Republican Convention, during which the latter accused Obama of throwing "allies like Israel under the bus."


Carney admitted that he had not discussed Republican presidential hopeful's remarks with Obama, but stressed that the charges were unfounded.


"We have an extremely close relationship with Israel, which is appropriate given our unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security," he said.


Iranian issue

Addressing Iran's nuclear program, the press secretary emphasized the incumbent leader's unwavering pledge to prevent the Islamic Republic from obtaining atom weapons. Obama's efforts, Carney said, organized "a consensus of approbation" within the international community meant to compel Iran to renounce its nuclear aspirations.


"And that effort has resulted in the most severe sanctions regime ever levied against – or leveled against a country in history, with greater international consensus on this issue than has ever existed," he said.


"When President Obama took office, the world was divided on this issue, and Iran was united; the opposite is now true," he added. "The Iranian regime is under intense economic as well as political pressure, thanks to the efforts of the international community, led by the United States."


Carney reiterated the White House's stance that the diplomatic measures aimed at curbing Iran's atom program have yet to be exhausted, but noted that these attempts to reach a compromise do have an expiration date.


"It is the president’s belief that the best way to ensure that Iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon is to achieve that goal through a diplomatic solution and a choice by Iran to forgo its nuclear ambition," he said.


"The opportunity to achieve that goal remains available, that window remains open. But it is absolutely the case that that window will not remain open indefinitely."


Romney, who accepted the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday, claimed Obama abandoned Israel and other American allies even as he has relaxed sanctions on Castro’s Cuba.


"He (Obama) abandoned our friends in Poland by walking away from our missile defense commitments, but is eager to give Russia’s President Putin the flexibility he desires, after the election," he said. "Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty, and Mr. Putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone."




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