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Bir al-Maksur: 2 teens arrested for stoning policemen
High school teens leave class as they hear illegal structure in Bedouin village is up for demolition, stone policemen in protest; two 20-year-old men arrested

Dozens of high school students from the Bedouin village of Bir al-Maksur in the Lower Galilee, threw stones at policemen on Tuesday during the razing of an illegal structure in the village.


Head of the village's council Yasser Hagirat, announced that the Bedouin villages in northern Israel would be holding a strike in protest of the structure's demolition.


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One teacher from Bir al-Maksur told Ynet that "hundreds of officers arrived to the demolition site, followed by dozens of local residents who were enraged by the decision to take down the structure."


השוטרים באו ממוגנים, ולא נפגעו (צילום: 

Policemen at demolition site (Photo:


"When local teens who were studying at the nearby high school heard of the police activity, they left in the middle of class and immediately rushed to the site. They soon began hurling stones at the policemen," he added.


The police used crowd-control measures to deter the stone-throwers.  


According to the teacher, "some of the other teachers attempted to calm the students down, and bring them back to school, but it was hard to


During the incident, two teachers were lightly injured.


Police forces have said that no officers were injured by the stones. However, following the incident, two young men in their 20's were arrested and taken into police custody for questioning.





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