Palestinians protest in Hebron
Photo: AFP

Palestinians take to streets, protest cost of living

Wave of social protests, self immolation incidents sweeps across PA due to ailing economy

Israelis are not the only ones protesting price hikes and a general increase in the cost of living: Palestinians across the West Bank protested on Tuesday against the rising price of petrol, while police forces attempted to restore order.


Fuad Shubaki, the general director of the Palestinian Petroleum Corporation, recently announced that the Palestinian Authority is looking into the possibility of importing petrol from other countries in coordination with Israel.


Shubaki claimed that his announcement has nothing to do with the recent protests.


As a result of the fact that some Israeli products are distributed in the PA, a hike in product prices in Israel automatically leads to a hike in prices in the PA.


ההפגנה בחברון, אתמול (צילום: AFP) 

Hebron protest on Tuesday (Photo: AFP)


Petrol prices are even more sensitive to price fluctuation, due to the fact that Israel is the sole provider of petrol to the PA.


On Tuesday, several protests took place in a number of cities. In Hebron, truck, tractor and taxi drivers all protested against the cost of living by forming a convoy along the main city streets. Signs reading, "The people want to reduce the cost of living," were posted on every vehicle.


At the same time, hundreds of civilians rallied in the main city squares of Hebron, Ramallah and Bethlehem against the cost of living and the high unemployment rate.


Meanwhile, a Palestinian man from the Gaza Strip died on Monday after he self immolated to protest against his financial situation.


On Tuesday, a 30-year-old Palestinian man arrived at the Hebron City Council building and tried to torch himself, but local residents managed to prevent him from doing so.


Israel has also seen a recent wave of self immolation.


In a different kind protest, a Palestinian reporter decided to arrive to work dressed in suit while riding on a donkey.


The reporter said that the Palestinian citizens will be responsible for the price hike if they do not protest against it. He added that riding to work on a donkey represents a peaceful kind of protest against the Palestinian government.



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