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Migron: Officer urged cops to 'kill' settlers

Officer heard goading cops to act violently towards young activists during evacuation of outpost, video shows

The eviction of the Migron residents last week appeared to have gone by without any major incidents, but video captured during the police operation showed otherwise. A senior officer was caught on tape as he goaded cops to act violently towards a group of young settlers who refused to vacate the West Bank outpost, and threatened to "kill" them.


The eviction operation went largely without resistance, save for the young activists who locked themselves in caravans, and in one instance climbed on top of a mobile home. The police waited until all the homes were cleared before placing ladders against the trailer in order to bring down the teens, who belong to the Hilltop Youth movement.


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Commander Boaz Goldberg, who serves as a coordination officer at a police unit that oversees law enforcement operations, was heard repeatedly shouting "kill them," referring to activists who refused to come down.  


Goldberg at scene (Screenshot)
Goldberg at scene (Screenshot)

"Get up there and kill them, get them down here so we can kill them," the officer screamed over and over, before telling one teen: "You're dead. You will die."


Another cop is heard telling one of the youths that he's lucky he's being videotaped, suggesting that he would have been treated in a rougher manner if cameras weren't around.


Officers acted aggressivley towards teens (Screenshot)
Officers acted aggressivley towards teens (Screenshot)

The inappropriate conduct was condemned by rightist groups, and the Yesha Human Rights Organization lodged a complaint against Goldberg with the Police Internal Investigations Department. The group stressed that the teens did not act violently and never put the officers in any danger.


The Shai District Police noted that the activists poured water and oil from the roof of the trailer, and that no one was injured during the event. Nevertheless, it said it would look into any complaints that are filed.




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