Fire practice area in south
Photo: Herzl Yosef
Parents sue State for NIS 4.7 million over son's death
Bedouin family accuses Defense Ministry, IDF of negligence after their son, 15, died of dud blast

A Bedouin family is suing the State for NIS 4.7 million (roughly $1 million) over the death of their 15-year-old son in an IDF dud blast. They are claiming negligence by the Defense Ministry and IDF, who in spite of procedure failed to clear duds from the scene of the accident and consequently caused the death of their son.


Two years ago, Jamal Maabada, from the southern town of Puraa, was killed after an IDF dud exploded near a Bedouin school in the Negev. Maabada was trying to lift a piece of metal buried in the ground when the object exploded and left him dead.


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The lawsuit noted that children in the area hike through the desert for lack of proper public transport, claiming that fire practice areas in the region were unmarked.


The family claims that the State failed to follow weapons storage procedures, recklessly left weapons unsupervised, failed to put up fences around fire practice areas and allowed duds to remain in residential areas. It is also claimed that the IDF failed to hold scans before and after fire practices.


The lawsuit states that the victim's young brothers have yet to recover from his death and require psychological treatment the family can't afford. "This is recklessness by the State of Israel," the family's lawyer said.




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