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US officials say 2 warships moving toward Libya

Pentagon orders two destroyers carrying Tomahawk cruise missiles to Libyan coast in aftermath of Benghazi attack. Ships have no specific mission, officials say

The Pentagon ordered two warships to the Libyan coast in the aftermath of the attack in Benghazi that killed the US ambassador and three others, US officials said Wednesday.


One destroyer, the USS Laboon, moved to a position off the coast Wednesday, and the USS McFaul is en route and should be stationed off the coast within days.


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The officials said the ships, which carry Tomahawk cruise missiles, do not have a specific mission. But they give commanders flexibility to respond to any mission ordered by the president.


Pentagon spokesman George Little said: "Without commenting on specific ship movements, the United States military regularly takes precautionary steps when potential contingencies might arise in a given situation. That's not only logical in certain circumstances, it's the prudent thing to do."


הפגנה בבנגזי. "מצטערים אמריקה"

Libyans show support for America


There have been four destroyers in the Mediterranean for some time. These moves will increase that to five.


The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss troop movements.


Protesters in Libya


Meanwhile, Libyan protestors in Benghazi and Tripoli rallied to show their support for America and their opposition to terrorism. Many held signs apologizing to America for the attack which "Chris Stevens was a friend to all Libyans", "Thugs and Killers Don't Represent Benghazi nor Islam" and "Sorry people of America this is not the behavior of Islam and our Prophet."


Also on Thursday, security has been increased at American missions around the world following Tuesday's attack.


President Barack Obama ordered increased security at US diplomatic missions overseas and vowed justice for the attack on the US consulate in Libya that killed the ambassador and three other people.




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