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'They make them in China.' Spider Man
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'All kippah stores sell the same thing' (archives)
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Spider Man gets Jerusalem shop in trouble

Marvel Comics suing Kippah Man on capital's Ben Yehuda Street for selling unlicensed skullcaps

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.”


And, speaking of “webs,” it’s the incredible Spider Man himself that’s the basis of a lawsuit that has been filed against one of – if not the most – popular skullcap shops on Jerusalem’s famed Ben Yehuda Street, Kippah Man.


Any of us, myself included, who have brought home a few kippot with our favorite rock band, sports team, or, yes, even Superhero, embroidered on it, probably assumed that there’s nothing illegal going on, but, according to Marvel Comics, that’s exactly what’s happening.


The shop’s owner, Avi Binyamin was told earlier this week that he’s being sued by Marvel for NIS 100,000 (about $25,500) for selling kippot with the web-slinger’s image on it. The problem with that scenario is that Binyamin’s kippot are unlicensed.


According to Marvel’s lawyer Amir Ivtsan, Marvel received information about Kippa Man specifically, and sent representatives to Binyamin’s tiny shop to purchase a piece of the evidence.


And, Ivtsan says that any other shop that’s selling the same unlicensed Spider Man kippot will also be sued for the same amount. If you’ve been on Ben Yehuda Street, you know that there’s no shortage of shops selling the same wares.


“They make them in China, I just bring them. There are 20 stores on this street, they all sell the same thing,” said a flabbergasted Binyamin.


“This is one of many similar cases,” explains Ivtsan. “If they find illegal merchandise, they will tell us and we will sue them. It’s not connected to Kippa Man or anyone else, it’s not anything personal.”


In the meantime, Binyamin has cleared the Spidey skullcaps from his store until the lawsuit is settled, but his competition has not. Could they be next, or will the Green Goblin, or perhaps Doctor Octopus save the day for these hard-working shop owners?


Only time will tell, but until then, if you’re on Ben Yehuda Street, stop by The Kippah Man and buy something. Anything. He’ll need your business to help pay his legal fees, if not a NIS 100,000 fine.


Reprinted with permission from Shalom Life




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