MK El-Sana at court
Photo: Gil Yohanan

Arab leaders seek to block anti-Muslim film in Israel

MK El-Sana, Arab-Israeli leaders demand that Google pull 'racist, offensive' film from site; 'freedom of speech cannot allow one maniac to set world on fire,' they said

MK Taleb El-Sana and various Arab-Israeli leaders have filed a petition with Jerusalem's District Court, demanding that Google remove an anti-Islam video, which ridicules the Prophet Mohammed, from YouTube and all other websites in Israel.


The petitioners asked for an urgent hearing on the matter and a temporary injunction which will prevent the future distribution of the film that has caused uproar among Muslims across the globe.



They further claimed that the film "desecrates the image of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed in a racist manner, while dishonoring the prophet and his sanctity. Furthermore, the video dishonors the millions of Muslim believers in Israel and the world."

א-סנע והעותרים נגד גוגל (צילום: גיל יוחנן) 

MK El-Sana and other petitioners vs Google (Photo: Gil Yochanan)


MK El-Sana emphasized that "freedom of speech does not enable one to freely humiliate and dishonor a man." In their petition, the group claimed that the film is disrespectful of the Muslim religious sentiments, and therefore violates Israel's penal code. It is slanderous and incites against Muslims, the group said. 


Google refused to dispose of film

YouTube owner Google Inc. has already blocked access to the film in Egypt, Libya, India and Indonesia after deadly protests in several countries, but it has rejected a request by the White House to pull it from the site altogether.


In Russia, the government has threatened to ban YouTube entirely unless the company takes down the controversial film.


Saudi Arabia has also threatened to block all access to YouTube inside the kingdom unless the site cuts local access to the film.


In the appeal, the petitioners equate the film to pornography, due to the fact that Mohammed is portrayed as a womanizer, a child abuser and a religious fake. According to the petitioners, the movie is rife with racist and offensive elements that contradict and are forbidden in Islam.


The group further said that the violent riots that followed the release of the film took place due to the blatant violation of the prophet's sanctity.


"This film only intends to spread hatred," MK El-Sana said. "Freedom of speech cannot allow one maniac to set the world on fire. The court must intervene in light of the current situation."


El-Sana further said that he opposes the violent response that followed the release of the film, but he does understand the outrage it sparked.


Attorney Kais Nasser, who represents the petitioners, said that he believes this petition has a good chance of being granted.






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