Car blast
Photo: Gilad Radat
Car blast kills 1 in central Israel
Moving vehicle explodes in Hod Hasharon, killing driver; police investigate possibility of assassination

A body was found inside a car that exploded, in all likelihood while moving, in Hod Hasharon on Thursday night. No other injuries were reported


The driver appeared to have died in the explosion, which occurred at 11 pm. The car was consumed by flames which burnt it to a crisp and triggered additional blast sounds, causing a scare in the central Israeli town.


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Firefighters faught flames (Photo: Gilad Radat)


The police estimated that a bomb was planted in the car by assailants carrying out a hit. The motive is believed to be criminal, although the circumstances are under investigation. The victim was not immediately identified. 


Last month a man sustained serious injuries in the Sharon region when gunmen repeatedly shot his car in during a chase on Highway 57.




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