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Poll: Romney decreases gap, but not in key states

Survey shows president's DNC-gained advantage shrinks, but he still has lead over GOP hopeful in swing states

WASHINGTON – A new CNN survey points out a decreased gap between US President Barack Obama and the Republican candidate Mitt Romney, at 3%, which is the statistical error range.


According the survey, Obama now has 50% of the votes, while Romney has 47%. 


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Despite this seemingly encouraging fact for the Republican nominee, the polls only reflect the general direction of the vote, while failing to indicate Romney's problems in nine swing states, eight of which Obama has the lead in.


It is possible that generally, Romney has the support of a larger percentage of the American public, however it is not enough to ensure his victory.


רומני עדיין מתקשה להגיע ל-270 האלקטורים הדרושים לניצחון בבחירות (צילום: AP)

Still struggling. Romney (Photo: AP)


The electoral map indicates Romney's difficulty in reaching the 270 electoral votes required to win the elections. Obama has the lead in Florida (29 electors), Virginia (13), and mostly in Ohio (18) – the latter being a state which no republican candidate managed to reach the White House without its electoral votes.


Republican spokespeople claim that the Media's surveys address more Democrats than Republicans, which is shown in the gap in favor of Obama in the polls.


According to the latest CNN survey, the large gap Obama has had post the Democratic National Convention has now narrowed.


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Both candidates received similar scores from the public on domestic policy issues: Romney holds an advantage in unemployment and budget balance issues, while Obama still leads on tax, education, and health insurance issues. These are also the issues to be discussed on Wednesday presidential debate – the first of three.


Obama has a 7% advantage over Romney on foreign issues (45-52). Romney's greatest difficulty is in the lack of personal appeal among voters: While 52% of the public likes Obama, 50% of the public has a negative perception of Romney.


Obama's greatest strength continues being the feminine votes: while Romney holds a 3% advantage in male support (47-50), female voters tend to prefer Obama, giving him a 9% advantage (44-54), a fact which, for now, assures victory to the current president.




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