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Schools ordered to drill distance learning paths
'Emergency e-Studying' no longer in southern schools only as Education Ministry directs school nationwide to practice distance e-learning amid growing speculations of war

Preparing for Iranian reaction to a possible nuclear attack? The Education Ministry directed primary schools across Israel to practice online distance-learning in order to prepare for a drastic happening such as war or an earthquake.


The "Emergency e-Learning" project was launched in 2010, mostly in schools in southern Israel, which suffer from rocket attacks.


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The Education Ministry has now ordered all school in Israel to drill the method, aiming to have the entire education system and student body prepared for a time of national emergency


The project allows students to keep in touch with the educational staff while addressing their fears and distresses. It includes tension-release games and video clips, as well as instructional features on Math, English, Science, etc.


For now, the tasks do not aim to grade students' achievements but to practice easy usage of the system and content awareness. "The tasks tend to be quite easy and enjoyable to fulfill" a grade-school student told Ynet. "The kids in class aren't afraid of war and these practices are sort of a game for us."


The student's mother added: "At first is seemed weird having our kids practicing emergency regulations, after all, we live in  centeral Israel, out of the Gaza rocket range; but on second though, it made sense. We live in a country where we can't be indifferent.


"The latest news from Iran require preparation of the education system as well, and it's nice to see they think ahead."


A source in the Education Ministry said that in the past, distance e-learning was ad-hoc per rocket attack in the south. "Nowadays, the aim is to gradually widen the activity to schools both in the center and the north of Israel, in order to have the entire system prepared for an emergency happening such as an earthquake or a war." 



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