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Kahlon: Moving on is natural

Soon to be former minister says he 'doesn’t get the fuss' created by his decision to quit politics; adds: I've had my term in office and now I'm done. That's the way it should be

Communications and Social Affairs Minister Moshe Kahlon's surprising announcement Sunday that he would not seek another term in office sent shockwaves through the political arena, but as he told Ynet, he "fails to see what all the fuss is about."


Kahlon's decision is still shrouded in mystery, especially given his immense popularity among his peers and the voting public alike.


The soon-to-be-former minister claimed that he is simply following through on a timetable set three years ago, adding that he told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in advance that he would not seek another term in office.


Kahlon refused to say Monday whether he would pursue business ventures, saying only that he intends on "working to change the system of government in Israel."


The long-time Likud member seems to be the only one unfazed by the "political bomb" he dropped. He stressed that "I've been telling everyone for years that I was going home at the end of this term. I guess people really don't believe politicians. I'm simply following through on my word.


"It's time to move on. What's all the fuss about? I held a fascinating office and got to do great things and that's it. I've had my term in office – I've been here 10-12 years – and now I'm done. That's the way it should be."


Kahlon denied his once-close relationship with Netanyahu has grown cold, and the latter has already stated that he will try to convince Kahlon to change his mind.


"I was hurt by the rumors that said I was trying to extort the prime minister. That's a disgrace."


But is it really over? Kahlon did not entirely dismiss the possibility he would return to politics one day. "I said I was taking a timeout. I'm a political man, I love politics and I love the political system.


"I'm going to use this time to do other things. I'm done with coalition, opposition et cetera. I'm moving on," he stated.



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