Tel Aviv. Ranked alongside Twitter, Rolling Stones
Photo: Yaron Brener

Americans love Tel Aviv, poll says

Comprehensive survey reveals US public favors Israeli metropolis over 3,150 other famous global brands, including Prada and Wall Street Journal

Many Israelis have considered Tel Aviv an upbeat, fun and vibrant place for years. Now it seems that Americans are in love with the non-stop city as well.


A recent survey ranking the world's favorite brands has revealed that Tel Aviv is more attractive than 90% of the most popular brands in the United States.


The poll was conducted among 13,000 Americans by international company BAV Consulting, which every quarter presents the world's most comprehensive brand index ranking companies, cities and countries according to different parameters.


The survey's findings can definitely be seen a source of pride, especially in light of Israel's negative image in the world in recent years.


Americans view Tel Aviv as an attractive brand just like Twitter, the Rolling Stones, and Nintendo, and as an innovative and creative brand like Apple, YouTube and National Geographic.


The Tel Aviv brand is considered more attractive by Americans than 3,150 other global brands they recognize. The Israeli metropolis was favored over Audi, Abercrombie & Fitch, Siemens, Prada and the Wall Street Journal.


The company's new brand index positions Tel Aviv as something different, fascinating, unique, daring and independent.


According to the survey, American consumers view Tel Aviv as a positive brand they want to learn more about. Some 45% of Americans are familiar with the Tel Aviv brand more than with a series of other brands like "Doctors Without Borders", "Prada" and "Siemens".


Americans are familiar with Tel Aviv and know more about the city than they know about Brazil, India and Chile.


According to BAV Consulting CEO Scott Siff, "Our model is built on financial factors. If Tel Aviv were a company listed on the stock exchange, it would be a hot stock."


The State of Israel as a brand reached the sixth place out of 33 countries. It received the same score given to the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and Australia. In 2007, Israel ranked 17th in the same survey.



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