Site of the explosion
Photo: Reuters
Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir
Photo: AFP
Sudan: Israeli interests have become 'legitimate targets'
Sudanese president says 'Israeli airstrike' on Khartoum weapons site is 'hysterical reaction to political changes in region;' meanwhile, Sudan's information minister says weapons used in attack were Israeli-made
Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir said Friday that the Israeli airstrike on the Yarmouk military weapons facility near Khartoum was a hysterical reaction to the political changes in the region, Kuwaiti news agency Kuna reported.


"The reckless behavior is a manifestation of Israel's concerns and nervousness about the political and social upheavals in the region and about the progress in Sudan," he said in an address to the nation on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha.


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"Such aggressive acts by the Zionist entity could never force Khartoum to change its policies," he said highlighting the steadfastness of the Sudanese people in the face of challenges, and their ability to make "tough choices."



The weapons' facility (Photos: Reuters)


"Our enemies cannot hinder our march towards building a coherent and prosperous society, comprehensive development and a powerful army," Al-Bashir said.


Meanwhile, Sudanese Minister of Information Ahmed Belal Othman warned his government would take "more decisive steps" against Israeli interests which have become "legitimate targets" for Sudan after the recent unjustifiable aggression.


After inspecting Al-Yarmouk facility, a team of military expers affirmed that the weapons used in the attack were Israeli-made.


"The sophisticated warplanes and weapons used in the attack are available to no country in the region except Israel," Othman added.


The past two years have seen two similar reports on alleged Israeli strikes against terrorists and arms smuggling convoys in Sudan. In January 2009, foreign media reported that IAF jets attacked an arms smuggling convoy transporting weapons to Hamas. According to the report, 119 were killed in the attack.


Last April, it was reported that two unknown individuals were killed when their car was bombed near an airport in Port Sudan. Police initially claimed that the two had been hit by a missile fired at them from the Red Sea. Later on, Sudanese officials said that a foreign aircraft attacked the car. Foreign media linked Israel to the incident. 


Sudan has been known to serve terrorist groups as a route for arms smuggling. Last March, Egyptian security forces claimed they had seized five vehicles transporting weapons from Sudan en route to Gaza.


Israel had neither confirmed nor denied previous reports on activity in Sudan.





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