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Netanyahu: Additional NIS 1150
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Mofaz: Additional NIS 1043
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Public officials to get salary bump
Ministers, MKs and other senior civil servants will enjoy additional NIS 1,000 per month as of January 1, despite soaring prices and lay-offs
While consumer goods' prices rise, thousands of employees are being made redundant and others suffer pay cuts, the salaries of high-ranking civil servants are expected to rise.


Ministers, Knesset members, judges and other public servants will enjoy a pay rise of more than NIS 1,000 (roughly $258) a month as of January 1.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for instance, who currently earns NIS 46,000 (roughly $11,850) a month, is expected to get an additional NIS 1,150 (roughly $300), President Shimon Peres' monthly NIS 52,050 (roughly $13,400) will likely grow by NIS 1,562 (roughly $402); and MK Shaul Mofaz is set to recieve an additional NIS 1,043 (roughly $270) on top of his monthly NIS 41,730 (roughly $ 10,750).


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The reason for this increase is that senior public officials' wages are linked to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or the average salary.


Since most laid-off employees had low incomes, the average salary has increased, causing an absurd situation where the more people are fired, the more public officials' pay rises.


The average salary increased by 3% in the past year while the CPI rose by 2.1% in the past nine months. The CPI is expected to rise further reaching at least 2.5% by January 15.


The officials' pay rise is even more questionable, taking into account the upcoming elections which suspended Knesset sesssions until until March.



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