FM trying to watch his weight
Photo: Shaul Golan
Lieberman's secret workout
Security considerations send Lieberman to work out in secret Shin Bet gym

Israel's Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has recently started working out in an attempt to watch his weight and get into shape, branching out from his regular tennis practices.


But his new workout regimen quickly became an obstacle to the Shin Bet, which is in charge of watching out for his safety. The secret service did not feel comfortable with the fact that he was working out at the same place – the gym at the Jerusalem Hotel – on a regular basis.


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To allow him to break his routine without breaking form, the Shin Bet invited him to use their own facilities. Lieberman accepted the invitation and now arrives weekly at the Jerusalem area Shin Bet headquarters, where he enjoys the services of a personal trainer as well as other gym amenities.

Lieberman enjoying an apple in the Golan Heights (Photo: Effi Sharir, ynet)
Lieberman enjoying an apple in the Golan Heights (Photo: Effi Sharir, ynet)


It is worth noting that Lieberman is not the first politician to train in the Shin Bet gym. Preceding him are former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


Nevertheless, Lieberman has not given up tennis – his favorite sport.


For many years Lieberman has been struggling with his weight, occasionally attempting to take control with the help of a correct diet and workout routines, thus managing to drop a few kilos.


Lately – friends of the FM noted –  it seems Lieberman has been gaining weight and hence decided not only to continue with his tennis practices but also add a weekly workout to his schedule.


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