Abbas. 'Israel must understand that peace is a need'
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Abbas urges Palestinian reconciliation in light of 'Gaza massacre'

PA chairman slams Israeli operation, says 'Israeli aggression is against the entire Palestinian people, not just Hamas or Jihad'

"Israel has a plan – to strike our people in the Gaza Strip and break their resistance," Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Friday evening in response to the Israeli operation in Gaza.


In a statement delivered in Ramallah, Abbas said that "when Israel hits the Gaza Strip, it is basically hitting all the Palestinians. We warned against a new Israeli massacre against the Palestinian people. This massacre began when we saw children killed in the Israeli bombings in the Gaza Strip."


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The Palestinian president elaborated on the activities aimed at putting an end to the fighting: "We have contacted many elements in the Arab world as well as international elements in order to end the Israeli aggression. We have asked the Arab League secretary-general to convene an urgent meeting, and such a meeting is expected tomorrow.


"We asked for a delegation of foreign ministers from Arab countries to visit the Gaza Strip, including the Palestinian foreign minister. We called the Americans and Europeans to do everything in their power to stop the escalation. We also contacted UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon, who will visit our region in the coming days to review the situation."

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Palestinias protest IDF operation in Gaza (Photo: AFP)


Abbas also asked to take credit for Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil's arrival in Gaza on Friday morning, a move perceived as a show of support for the rival Hamas movement.


"We asked for Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi's help on the matter, and as a result he sent Kandil to monitor the situation and work to achieve a lull."


"I was on a planned visit to Europe and I cut it because of the situation and in order to be at our people's side. The Israeli aggression is not just against Hamas or the Islamic Jihad, etc. That must not be said. The aggression is against all of the Palestinian people.


"These difficult days may push us to make greater efforts in terms of the Palestinian reconciliation. There is an opportunity for reconciliation now and we will reach that reconciliation. I have contacted Khaled Mashaal and Ismail Haniyeh and offered them all the help they need.


"This aggression and the settlements all have one cause – Israel's refusal to give us our rights and our country. Israel must understand that without peace there will be neither security nor stability. Israel must understand that peace is a need.


"Everything that has happened in Gaza is aimed at thwarting our efforts to turn to the UN. But we will turn to the UN and ask to upgrade our status on November 29. There will be no delay. We want the world to know that there is a Palestinian people and that it lives under occupation, and we want Israel to understand that."



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