Clashes in the West Bank
Photo: AFP
Protests in Bethlehem
Photo: AFP

Pillar of Defense effect: High alert in West Bank, Lebanon

Increase, intensification in West Bank riots lead to high alert in territories. Similar alert levels on Lebanese border after rockets aimed at Israel found

The ongoing fighting in the south has begun taking its toll on the West Bank: The Israel Defense Forces Judea and Samaria Division raised its alert level Monday night in the wake of a growing number of riots in the West Bank.


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On Monday night, Palestinians protested in a number of places, among them Halhul, near Hebron, which resulted in the death of one protester after IDF forces fired at rioters. In Salem, near Jenin, soldiers also fired at a protests, but no injuries were reported.

מהומות בבית לחם (צילום: EPA)

Riots in Bethlehem (Photo: EPA)


רקטות שכוונו בלבנון לעבר ישראל (צילום: AFP)

Shells aimed at Israel from Lebanon (Photo: AFP)


The IDF is still confident that the Palestinian Authority, specifically Jibril Rajoub, who formerly headed the PA's Preventive Security Force, are trying to calm the spirits in the West Bank.


Meanwhile, the alert level was also raised near the border with Lebanon, after the Lebanese army reported finding two ready to be fired Grad rockets aimed at the direction of Israel. The IDF believes that a Palestinian organization was responsible for the attempted rocket fire.


Meanwhile in the south

In the southern arena, the ongoing rocket barrages at the Gaza vicinity communities, as well other more distant cities and regional councils, have yet to cease. The IDF identified the Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees as the main perpetrators of Tuesday morning's rocket fire. However, they stated that the organization responsible for the intense rocket salvo fired at Beersheba Tuesday morning was Hamas.


Despite the ongoing rocket fire, the IDF recognizes a reduction in its scope, noting that most of the rockets aimed at Ashdod and Ashkelon were launched from the northern most point of the Strip or from the more central refugee camps, such as Khan Younis.


The IDF explained that the central bank attacked Monday night doubled as a Hamas headquarters.


In addition, the IAF struck the personal homes of Hamas commanders at the levels of company and regiment commander. Prior to such attacks the IAF fired preliminary warning shots at said buildings, warning citizens in the immediate vicinity of the upcoming attack.


These types of shots result in minimum damage to the structure about to be aerially attacked, and have the clear intention of preventing the injury of innocents.



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