Mohamed Merah
Photo: Le Point
Police arrest 2 'accomplices' in Toulouse attacks
Man and woman suspected of helping Mohamed Merah carry out attacks arrested in southern France
French police on Tuesday arrested two alleged accomplices of gunman Mohamed Merah, whose al-Qaeda-inspired shooting spree in and around the southern city of Toulouse in March left seven people dead.


A man, described by police as a member of the traveler community, was arrested in the southern town of Albi, while his former partner was arrested in Toulouse, on suspicions they helped Merah carry out his attacks, a police source said.

המצור על ביתו של מוחמד מראח במרס השנה (צילום: MCT)

Police raid on Merah's house last March (Photo: MCT)


Mohamed Merah killed three Jewish children, a rabbi and three paratroopers in and around the southern city of Toulouse in March before dying in a standoff with police.


Merah claimed links to al-Qaeda and said he had received training at an Islamist paramilitary camp in Pakistan.

קברו של מוחמד מראח (צילום: MCT)

Merah's grave (Photo: MCT)


One of his brothers, Abdelkader, also faces preliminary charges in the case and is in police custody.




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