Photo: Binyamin Settlers′ Committee
Campaign's tombstone-shaped sign
Photo: Binyamin Settlers′ Committee

'Price tag' suspects revealed as road caution advocates

Settlers launch campaign to raise awareness to road casualties using tombstone-shaped signs that read Price Tag; four who put up signs arrested for 'price-tag' acts

Four settlers who were arrested Tuesday for "price-tag" acts told police that the signs they were putting up at the Binyamin Regional Council were not acts of vandalism, but in fact part of a widespread campaign to raise awareness to traffic accidents.


Due to a rise in car accidents in the region, the Binyamin Settlers′ Committee – in an attempt to encourage West Bank drivers to exercise caution – issued a campaign that includes signs in the shape of tombstones, with the words Price Tag written on them in both Hebrew and Arabic.


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When four settlers started putting up the signs, they were spotted by police forces and were immediately arrested. Despite the suspects' pleas arguing that they were merely engaged in an awareness campaign, the police detained them for questioning.


אחד השלטים שהוצב סמוך לכביש בנימין (צילום: ועד מתיישבי בנימין)

A sign near the Binyamin road (Photo: Binyamin Settlers′ Committee)


A representative of the committee arrived at the police station in an attempt to explain the cause, stressing that the next stage of the campaign consisted of replacing the Price Tag signs with signs that directly discuss traffic accidents – also placed on tombstone shaped signs – and even presented them as evidence. 


השלב הבא בקמפיין - שלט שמתריע מפני הסכנות בכביש (צילום: ועד מתיישבי בנימין)

'Here buried a mother who crossed a white line' (Photo: Binyamin Settlers′ Committee)


According to the police, they are waiting for verification on the suspects identities and actions prior to releasing them from custody.


"The campaign was meant to draw attention to the fact that reckless driving comes with a price… and can lead to the loss of human lives," Chairman of the Binyamin Settlers′ Committee Itzik Shadmi explained.


"This is a dangerous road, with frequent traffic jams, and the Arabs take advantage of that to attack vehicles from the nearby hills. We of course didn’t think that this would lead to arrests; all we wanted to do was raise awareness to the issue of traffic accidents in a way that will draw drivers' attention," Shadmi added.


The four were arrested as part of the Judea and Samaria District Police's increased alertness to "price-tag" suspects, following recent cases of settlers damaging Palestinian property.



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