Meretz Chairwoman Zahava Gal-On
Photo: Ofer Amram

Meretz seeks to void Oslo Accords

Left-wing party devises new blueprint for Israeli-Palestinian talks based on Arab Peace Initiative

The Meretz party on Tuesday introduced its political platform, which calls for the rescission of the Oslo Accords and delineates a new draft for peace negotiations.


In a press conference, party chairwoman Zahava Gal-On slammed Labor's political platform, from which the word 'peace' was conspicuously absent, branding the agenda as "hollow, weak and cowardly."


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According to Meretz's outline, which was devised by former ambassador Ilan Baruch, the Oslo Accords are to be rescinded and a new plan is to be formulated based on the Arab Peace Initiative. According to Baruch, "The Oslo-based peace negotiations have long lost their legitimacy in the eyes of the public," adding that it was only sensible that the 20-year-old accords be revised.


The former ambassador added: "Whether Hamas or Fatah – It's up to the Israeli leadership. The current leadership reinforces the Palestinians who say that 'All of Palestine is ours.'"


Meretz was pivotal in the development of the Oslo Accords and their approval by the Knesset in 1993.


The present platform was referred to by the party as an "Outline for catalyzing a diplomatic move."


The outline further postulated that Israel and the US should join the UN's recognition of the Palestinian Authority as a state, thus decreasing the odds that Hamas will take control of the West Bank and leveling the playing field for the negotiations.


According to the outline, negotiations will be limited to the next four years, by the end of which the parties will declare peace and the end of the conflict.


Meretz Chairwoman Gal-On stressed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's policies "will lead us to a third Intifada. It takes a bold diplomatic transformation, a completely new paradigm, to change the imaginary peace and never-ending negotiations practice. The Israeli public supports compromise and a 'two states for two nations' solution."


Members of the party are expected to arrive at Ramallah on Thursday to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss the draft.



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