Tragic events of Holocaust commemorated in new exhibition in Belgium
Photo: Tomeriko
Liege museum exhibits Jewish deportation
Combining history and remembrance, memorial made up of 733 stones represents Jews who were killed after being deported to camps in northern France
VIDEO - Ten years ago, the sons and grandsons of Jews deported from Liege to the camps in northern France decided to commemorate those tragic events.


They set up a not-profit organization to collect documentary evidence, and this recently opened exhibition in Liege is the result of their labor.


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The “Liege a Submissive City” project aptly perpetuates memory, combining history and remembrance.


The memorial to the Jews of the Liege region is the cornerstone of this initiative. It is made up of 733 memorial stones representing the Jews who were assassinated during the war.


Each memorial stone indicates the victim’s age, first and last name, last known place of residence, age when deported, and camp of final destination. It reflects each victim’s personal and family story.


Panels with text and photographs in this memorial explain the process and complicity that enabled the persecution and deportation of the Jews from in and around Liege.


In this exhibition, the memorial presents a tribute to the victims and provides a subject for thought for present and future citizens.



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