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Shas to remove yet another election ad

Elderly women's family complains to Central Election Committee claiming she was unknowingly filmed and presented as 'lonely, needy old women'

The Shas Party has informed Central Election Committee Chairman Elyakim Rubinstein that it will remove the image of an elderly woman from their campaign ad and refrain from making further use of the image, in light of the fact that the woman did not give her consent.


The elderly woman's family lodged a complaint with the Central Election Committee, claiming that she was presented as a "lonely, needy old women", while she actually receives doting care from her family.


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The family recanted the shock of seeing the mother of the family on TV while watching Shas's election ad, in which the party claims that it will work to secure a law subsidizing geriatric nursing.


"The woman is over 90-years-old. Her family helps her daily and she enjoys devoted family care," the letter to the election committee read.


"The woman, who's mind is not exactly how it used to be, does not recall agreeing to being filmed or to participating in an election ad on the party's behalf. In any case, even if such an agreement was received it was not given consciously."


The family's letter further said that the add is "a cynical and manipulative use of her likeness, which infringes on both her and her family's privacy. The image purposefully manufactured is one of an elderly woman whose family is neglecting her in old age," a fact the family blatantly contests.  


The family is currently considering further actions against Shas.


On the bad taste defensive

In response, Shas said that the party is not directly connected to the production of the ads, which are filmed by a production company external to their advertisement agency, and is charged with collecting materials and casting actors.


According to the party, only after the ad is ready to be aired do officials view and comment on its content.


"We had no idea that such use was made of the image without the consent of the woman," a party official said.


Shas has already been forced to remove an election ad titled "Dial conversion, get documentation," which portrayed a Russian woman waiting for her conversion authorization paperwork to arrive via fax while waiting at the alter to marry a Jewish man.


The ad was removed following claims of racism.


Akiva Novick contributed to this report



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