Official apology. Tesco store (archives)
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Tesco apologizes to non-pork eaters
Britain’s biggest food retailer says seeking further detailed information after discovery of pig DNA in its so-called 'beef' products
VIDEO - Britain’s biggest food retailer, Tesco, has apologized to “customers who do not consume pork”, after the discovery of pig DNA in its so-called "beef" products, saying it was seeking further detailed information on the matter.


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“We understand and share the concerns of our customers who do not consume pork and we apologize to them,” London-based Tesco spokeswoman Emma Capon commented.


The scandal broke out last week when an investigation by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland found traces of horse and pig DNA as high as 29% in some cases, in products labeled as "beef" sold at retailers in Tesco.


Experts say that while pig or horse meat isn’t a health risk, the incident raises serious issues of fraud if cheaper meats were being substituted for more expensive ones, and Jews who observe kosher practices may also be incensed over the debacle.



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