Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah
Photo: EPA

Nasrallah: Israel facing leadership crisis

Hezbollah chief offers his own commentary on elections in Israel, urges Palestinians to unite, step up resistance efforts

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah posited in a speech Friday that the elections in Israel indicate that the Jewish state is facing a "leadership crisis," and urged the Palestinians to bolster their resistance efforts.


"The chief response to the elections in Israel should be a call for resistance and unity," he said. "We all need to cooperate to empower the Palestinians and the resistance efforts."


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Speaking at a ceremony marking the birthday of Islamic prophet Muhammad in Beirut, the leader of the Lebanese militant group asserted that Israeli political parties are struggling.

מזכ"ל חיזבאללה. "התגובה צריכה להיות עוד התנגדות" (צילום: AFP)

Hezbollah leader Nasrallah (Archive photo: AFP)


"The conclusion that can be drawn from the elections in Israel is that the founding parties, like Labor and Likud, are on the decline," he said. "We can also conclude that there isn't a ruling party.


"(Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu wanted a strong faction, but there is no such thing," he added.


Nasrallah crowned former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon "as the last of Israel's kings."


Addressing the rise of the political Left and Center in the elections, the top militant stated that the political sides do not differ in their approaches towards regional issues.


"We can't be mislead," he said. "When it comes to Palestinian issues … and the Israeli threat on nations in the region, the Right and Left are the same.


"History has taught us that most wars have been waged by Israel's leftist governments," he added.


He stressed that the Palestinian resistance and unity will ensure Palestinian rights, while the Lebanese "army, people and resistance" will protect Lebanon no matter who is in power in the Jewish state.




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