Photo: Reuters
Winter in a refugee camp
Photo: Reuters
Photo: Shlomit Sharvit Barzilay
Syrian girl with hamsa
Photo: Shlomit Sharvit Barzilay

A different Middle East: Israelis for Syria

Volunteers from an Israeli organization put their lives on the line to help civilians escape warring Syria. Watch a meeting between a Syrian family and Israeli volunteers

Video: Shlomit Sharvit Barzilay, Reuters    (צילום: שלומית שרביט-ברזילי, רויטרס עריכה: אסף קוזין)

Video: Shlomit Sharvit Barzilay, Reuters


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Make sure to blur. To blur the faces of the family, as promised, so that they are unrecognizable and remain safe. To blur the faces of the volunteers so that they are not prevented from coming back again.


And even under these conditions, make sure I get this touching story across. It is a meeting of people that would likely never have occurred under other circumstances. And to show that in this situation, even ancient enemies, raised with hatred, can establish a bond, and feel love.


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It is to show the depth of emotion, without chronicling the light of joy that lit up the Syrian family’s faces when the Israeli volunteers arrived. Without showing the excitement and appreciation evident in the eyes of the father, and without presenting the mother’s tears of pain that came when she was showed a film of her cousin’s body, after he was beaten to death.


It was my fate to join a group of Israeli volunteers that had taken it upon themselves to operate in an area which those who are bigger and stronger had chosen to abandon and neglect. To tell the story of this group is to tell of the "salt of the earth." They are the types who volunteer with the impoverished, have great courage, put aside judgment, and come to rescue the "enemy."


They have a double goal: Most importantly, to assist civilians, women and children in their journey out of Syria, and secondly – to change the image of Israel in the world, especially within enemy states.


To make donations, please call 1-900-57-52-52 or visit iL4syrians .



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