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Former MK Ratzon interrogated following sexual harassment complaints

Police investigating complaints filed by a number of female employees against former MK Michael Ratzon. Most complaints relate to verbal harassment, but one woman said he attempted to physically assault her

Police are investigating complaints filed by a number of female employees who claim they were sexually harassed by former Likud Knesset Michael Ratzon, Ynet learned on Sunday. 


Ratzon, who served as a senior executive in NTA, which is responsible for the Tel Aviv Light Rail project, asked his attorney to release his name because he has "nothing to hide."   


The former deputy minister, who was interrogated by police, has denied the allegations. One of the complainants said he tried to physically assault her.


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According to information obtained by Ynet, the complaints relate to incidents that had allegedly occurred recently. Most of the women complained of verbal harassment and alleged offers he had made to them.


The former MK told Ynet, through his attorney, that the allegations are part of a "premeditated and organized attack that is completely unfounded, meant only to prevent the extension of my service at my current position."


"I have been cooperating with the law enforcement agencies. I agreed to take a polygraph test and to confront (the complainants)," he said. "I am determined not only to protect my good name and dignity, but also to expose the motive behind the filing of complaints against me at this time."


The suspect's attorney, Yuval Sasson, said the complaints had been filed as part of a "persecution" campaign against his client. "He answered all of the investigators' questions. There is unequivocal evidence that disproves the claims against my client. I am certain he will not have to further prove his innocence at a court of law, as the investigation will soon be closed."


Ratzon said that as part of the campaign's first stage an anonymous letter was sent in order to thwart his appointment as NTA chairman. The former MK said a thorough examination found that the allegations specified in the letter were false, "and after those who wanted to hurt me within the company and outside of it understood they would not get what they wanted, they apparently moved to the second phase of their plan. I wish to turn the public's attention to the fact that the company employees filed the complaints against me in a coordinated manner." 


The complaints were filed with the police's Lahav 443 Unit. The investigation itself is being conducted by the National Fraud Unit. The former MK has been questioned a number of times.



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