Bashar Assad at the meeting
Will Hezbollah forces join the fighting in Syria ?
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Jordanian activists back Assad

Syrian president's supporters hold controversial meeting with him in Damascus, sparking criticism in Jordan. 'Assad is in tune with reality,' says delegation member who is a psychologist

Syrian President Bashar Assad met earlier this week with a delegation of Jordanian activists who support his regime. The meeting drew the attention of Arab media and social networks.


A member of the Jordanian delegation, Darrem al-Halasa, posted on his Facebook page that during the meeting, the Syrian president said: "The Syrian people should agree unconditionally to a general plan the main points of which we've established in the political platform that is part of the national dialogue (with the opposition).


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In discussing his "plan," Assad is probably referring to governmental reforms which he has promised to implement in the past.


According to Halasa, Assad further noted that "if the Syrian Arabs agree on the national plan… then I, as a Syrian citizen, an eye doctor with contacts, friendships and a clinic, will fight for our national plan on every platform."


The delegation places the abaya on Assad's shoulders 


Among delegation members was Rawiya al-Burano, a Jordanian psychologist, who also observed the Syrian president's psychological profile.


"Assad is in tune with reality, as opposed to what Western media claims," al-Burano said in an interview with Syrian television, adding that he "is calm and has assured the Jordanian delegation that the crisis (in Syria) will end."

"הוא הרגיע אותנו", הפסיכולוגית הירדנית עם אסד בארמונו בדמשק

'Assad is in tune with reality.' Rawiya in the presidential palace


The friendly meeting at the presidential palace in Damascus stirred heated debate in Jordan, the al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper reported Wednesday.


Muslim Brotherhood members and Jordanian revolutionaries leveled harsh criticism at the delegation's cooperation with Assad, specifically referring to the placing of a traditional robe (abaya) on Assad's shoulders, an act which serves as a token of appreciation.


Meanwhile, a former member of the Lebanese Parliament, Nasser Kandil, known for his ties with the Syrian regime, insisted that "Militants of the Hezbollah organization will arrive at Syria soon, to assist Assad."


Quoted in Lebanese media, Kandil refuted previous reports that Hezbollah was already taking part in the Syrian war, stressing that "The men of Imad Mughniyeh, top operative who was assassinated, have yet to fight in Syria, but they're on their way."


Syrian death toll nonetheless continues to rise, likely approaching 70,000, the UN human rights chief said on Tuesday.




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