Tomato prices up 23.6% (archives)
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CPI: Tomato prices soar in January

First consumer price index for 2013 shows seasonal reduction in clothing and footwear prices, increase in prices of quite a few food products

The consumer price index (CPI) for the month of January dropped by 0.2%, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported Friday.


The first CPI for 2013 showed a seasonal reduction in the prices of clothing and footwear (8.5% and 7.4%, respectively), alongside an increase in the prices of dairy products and fresh vegetables (0.7% and 12.6%, respectively).


In addition, January recorded a 5.9% drop in hotel prices. Apartment maintenance prices went up 0.5%, while food prices increased by 0.2%.


Among fresh vegetables, significant hikes were recorded in the prices of eggplant (62.1%), tomatoes (23.6%), cucumbers (21.2%), zucchini (21.2%), corn (16.4%), onion (11.2%), beet (11.1%), cabbage (10.6%), squash (10%), beans (10%), peppers (8.4%), lettuce (5.6%), potatoes and sweet potatoes (5%), garlic (4.9%), and cauliflower (4.1%).


The price of carrot, on the other hand, went down 7.5%.


Among fresh fruit, significant hikes were recorded in the prices of persimmon (11.3%), pomegranates (4.8%), tangerines (4.7%), pears (4.5%), avocado (4.5%), kiwi (4.3%), apples (3.3%) and pomelo (2.8%).


Israelis pay more for food

The prices of quite a few food products increased last month: Milk and dairy products (0.7%), soup powder (6.2%), salted cheese (5.9%), tea (5%), tahini (4.2%), alcoholic drinks (4.1%), waffles (4%), soft drinks (2.2%), special bread and ice cream (2.1%), fruit preserves (1.9%), rice, chocolate and black coffee (1.8%), sugar (1.7%), white flour (1.5%) and chicken breast (1.1%).


The prices of several food products went down, including frozen dough and pastries (6.2%), crackers (5.3%), fresh fish (5.1%), ground meat (2.1%), buns and bagels (1.9%), and oil (1.6%).


Rent increased by 0.2% last month, and the cost of building index rose by 0.5%.


The 2012 inflation rate totaled 1.6%, compared to 2.2% in 2011 and 2.7% in 2010. The last CPI for 2012 rose by a moderate 0.2%.


The Central Bureau of Statistics last week published the new household consumption basket, in which the share of housing hit a new record – 25.2%, compared to 24.4% in the previous consumption basket.


The share of the transportation and communication increased slightly as well, likely due to the increasing popularity of smartphones, making up 20.6% of the new consumption basket compared to 20.5% of the previous basket.


The share of food – including fruit and vegetables – dropped slightly, making up 16.5% of the new consumption basket of the CPI, compared to 16.9% of the previous basket.



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