Hatnua Chairwoman Tzipi Livni
Photo: Moti Kimchi


Chairwoman: Tzipi Livni


Hatnua ("The Movement") is a centrist, liberal political party, which was formed by Tzipi Livni on November 27, 2012.


Livni had retired from politics after losing to Shaul Mofaz in the Kadima primaries in March 2012. The formation of Hatnua was her vehicle to return to politics ahead of the 2013 general elections.


The party's political creed was actually based on the infrastructure of Hetz, a faction that broke away from Shinui in 2006. Hatnua has positioned itself in the center of the political spectrum, presenting ideology similar to that of Labor and Yesh Atid, and focusing largely on domestic and socio-economic issues.


Livni announcing the party's platform (Photo: Reuters)


Hatnua differed from its Center counterpart by also presenting a solid – and somewhat aggressive – political platform regarding the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.


In the 2013 general elections, Hatnua ran on a joint ticket with the Green Party and incorporated many of its partner's ideals into its platform.


The party's platform emphasizes Arab-Israeli peace, social justice, environmental protection, the integration of the Haredi and Arab communities into the military and workforce, and religious pluralism.


Hatnua (Photo: Gil Yohanan)



Main platform:

  • Reviving the peace process and the pursuit of the two-state solution. The party believes that an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement "Constitutes a security, economic, social, environmental and ethnical need and because it is a necessary condition for Israel’s security, prosperity and stability as both a Jewish and democratic state."


  • Social Justice: The party will promote an "Iron Dome for Social Justice" aimed at reducing social inequities. The party has prepared a Basic Law for Social Rights designed to change the constitutional balance on issues of social justice. 


  • The party has pledged to face the challenges created by environmental issues, air and water pollution, loss of open spaces and decimation of national resources.


  • Universal draft via military, national or community service for all: "Hatnua is committed to changing the present system, which grants exemptions to a growing number of 18-year-olds from national service." 


  • Religious Pluralism: The party seeks to "Reestablish Israel as a free society respectful of different approaches to Jewish life and offering equal support to all streams in Judaism."


The 2013 general elections saw Hatnua win six Knesset seats.


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