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'His Excellency Barak Hussein Obama'
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Neturei Karta: Obama, save us from Zionists

Extreme Jewish sect greets US president at Jerusalem's Mea Shearim neighborhood with US flags, begs him to 'save hundreds of thousands of Jews subjugated under the evils of Zionism'

The President's Residence is not the only place preparing to greet Barack Obama: Members of the extreme Neturei Karta sect were planning a "welcoming ceremony" Wednesday for the US president upon his arrival in Jerusalem, urging him to "save us from the evils of Zionism."


The group members produced festive posters with a special logo comprised of the word "Welcome!" in English and in Hebrew with United States flags on both sides, all in honor of "His Excellency Barak Hussein Obama."


The anti-Zionist sect is aware of the American president's strained relations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and are seeking to take advantage of the situation in order to turn Obama against the State of Israel.


With no ability to approach the president's secured entourage, they planned to cry out from afar and beg Obama to help them fight the Zionists' "iniquities" in general and the IDF draft in particular.


"Orthodox Jewry is prepared to greet The countenance of his Excellency, the President and Friend of Peace and Justice," the ads read.

"הציבור ייצא עם דגלי ארה"ב לקבל פני הפרעזידענט יר"ה"

'Public to welcome president with US flags'


"As the welcoming ceremony draws near, Orthodox Jewry wishes to honor His Excellency the President, and to beseech him to exert his influence to help Orthodox Jewry of the Holy Land and thus to save hundreds of thousands of Jews subjugated under the evils and iniquities of Zionism, which is uprooting religion in general, and forcing enlistment in the army in particular (the military being utterly at variance with authentic religion, justice, uprightness, and humanitarian ethics, which have ever been our liberation from the regime of atheistic Zionism."


'President aware to the suffering of Jews'

The extreme faction is attempting to distance itself from rebellion against the world's nations (which its members see as a strict religious prohibition) by adopting a submissive ad groveling approach toward Obama, expressing hope that "his Excellency the President is aware and attentive to the suffering of Jews who are faithfully perpetuating millennia-old original Judaism."


If he helps them, they said, "May G-d bless those who bless his people with years of prosperity and success."


They further expressed their hope that "his Excellency the President will do all that is for the benefit of the great nation, the United States of America, and for the good of all humanity. The President whose soul has the potential to inspire his nation."


The welcoming ceremony was to be held on Wednesday afternoon in Mea Shearim. "The public will carry US flags to welcome his Excellency the President and ask him to liberate Orthodox Jewry and the entire Holy Land from the Zionist thieves."



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