The window Hamed broke in through

Sudanese man to be indicted for attempted rape of minor

Muhammad Sulima Hamed accused of long line of charges including indecent acts against minors and attempted rape; Prosecution: Series of violent events, unrestrained and uninhibited

The Prosecutor's Office filed an indictment with the Tel Aviv District Court on Sunday against Sudanese citizen Muhammad Sulima Hamed, 21, for attempted rape during a break in at a Tel Aviv home two weeks ago.


The accused entered the home, attacked the mother, threatened her eight year old daughter with a knife and was only arrested after the father woke up and managed to take control of the perpetrator.


The attacker admits to charges of breaking and entering but denied the rape and sexual assault charges.

הנאשם מובא לבית משפט. הסתנן לישראל ב-2011 (צילום: בני דויטש)

The attacker in court (Photo: Benny Deutch)


Hamed is accused of breaking and entering, indecent acts against a minor, attempted rape, intimidation, assault and additional charges.


At around 5 am Hamed broke into the family home of five in Tel Aviv. He came in through an open kitchen window, grabbing a knife as he went along. He then went in to a room where two children were sleeping, walked up to one of the girls, put a knife to her throat and threatened her: "Shhhh, be quiet and go to sleep."


The girl became extremely alarmed, waking her brother. Hamed then turned to the boy, aimed the knife at him and said, "Close your eyes and go to sleep," and covered him.


The Indictment reveals that the suspect tried to rape the girl while she cried and called out for help. The mother heard the cries through an intercom and rushed to the children's room.


According to the indictment, when she reached the children's room she saw the attacker bent over her daughter. The shocked mother tried to save her daughter by pulling at the attacker's hair, and screaming "go away." During the struggle, the attacker stabbed the mother in the stomach.


The mother did not pause in her attempts to remove the attacker in spite of her injury. She screamed out for the father who then rushed to the living room where the struggle continued.


The indictment states that at this stage a short fight broke out between the father and Hamed. The father managed to defeat the attacker and proceeded to tie his hands with a telephone wire.


The mother then called the police.


The prosecution is seeking detention until completion of proceeding. The prosecutor stated in her request: "This is series of violent events, Heinous and unrestrained… The violence only came to a stop thanks to the resourcefulness of the parents, their courage and insistent struggle against the attacker. Who knows what would have happened if the parents had not woken up."


The defendant who arrived in Israel in 2011 admits to the breaking and entering charge and to stealing a cell phone.



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